Enchantments represent persistent magical effects; they are spells that remain on the battlefield and alter some aspects of the game.

Some enchantments are attached to other cards on the battlefield (often creatures); these are known as Auras. They describe what they can be attached to in their “Enchant ” ability. For example, an Aura with “Enchant green creature” can only be attached to a green creature. If the card an Aura is attached to leaves the battlefield or stops matching the Enchant ability, the Aura goes to the graveyard.

Early in Magic, there was a subset of enchantments known as “World Enchantments” that affected all players equally (for example, forcing them to play with the top card of their library revealed). In addition, only one World Enchantment could be in play at a time. Such enchantments no longer need to carry the “World” designations. Later, Tribal Enchantments (Enchantments with creature types) were introduced, as were Curses, enchantments that targeted one player specifically.

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