The long-awaited shopping cart for your business will soon be here!

This much-needed Magic The Gathering shopping cart will be made available to the public soon. It takes hundreds of man-hours to build on your own and update as new cards come out. Let us do the work for you! The very few options out there online for this are very expensive and we will give you affordable tiered pricing that will fit your budget!

Currently, we only have these 15 sets loaded up on our sample shopping cart.

  • Limited Edition Alpha
  • Limited Edition Beta
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Revised Edition
  • Fourth Edition
  • Fifth Edition
  • Classic Sixth Edition
  • Seventh Edition
  • Eighth Edition
  • Ninth Edition
  • Tenth Edition
  • Magic 2010
  • Magic 2011
  • Magic 2012
  • Magic 2013

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Advantages we built-in from your surveys asking what you want in this product:

  • It comes with the recommended prices of cards from many sources of your choosing.
  • Set your own prices on the cards.
  • Integrate sales with your POS
  • Integrate sales with Quickbooks
  • Custom calendar for your events.
  • Advanced search for specific cards by name, mana cost, flavor text, etc.
  • Online MTG calculators to help build decks and other options being added in the near future.
  • Affordable tiered pricing to fit your budget.
  • New cards that come out will be added to your shopping cart by us.
  • Design and content customization to your specifications is available.
  • Update and Maintain your own website/shopping cart.

We have a survey page that you can fill out to help us help you.

  • Let us know how our shopping cart can help your business.
  • Let us know what you don’t like about your current shopping cart.
  • Let us know what you would like to see added to our shopping cart.

Or would you like to purchase this as an affiliate website?

WooCommerce allows you to use external links for selling products so when you display a card for sale and they click to purchase then you get a cut of the sale. This would allow you to sell someone else’s Magic the Gathering cards. The website eBay has an affiliate program that I will use the below product as an example. Just follow the link on the product below to see how it works.

Foil Yavimaya Enchantress