What is one message you’d like to give story fans as we head towards Dominaria?

That we’re always looking for ways to make for a better and better story experience that’s accessible to more and more audiences, and that I’m so, so proud of how Magic Story has grown. 

Bit of recent history of how Magic’s story has been told. Back in 2011, we shifted away from the novel lines, and Innistrad sadly went without story support. For the next couple of years, for Return to Ravnica and Theros, we tried releasing e-books only, attempting to widen the audience while lowering costs. They were cost-effective but the work was unsustainable. Beginning in 2014 we floated a new test balloon, a handful of arced stories released free on the web that told the story of the Tarkir block. Their success propelled us into 2015′s more ambitious Magic Origins and Battle for Zendikar, and readership jumped. With more accessible stories and with links from the cards to mtgstory.com, we found that more people than ever before were engaging with the story. That pattern continued through Shadows over Innistrad, Kaladesh, Amonkhet, and now Ixalan. That engagement led to art books, D&D crossover adventures, and a larger role of the story in marketing campaigns. Story fans are now an acknowledged, reliable, dependable foundation of Magic’s community, when only a handful of years ago I had to argue for y’all’s existence.

And now, today, the importance of Magic’s story is still spreading its wings. We’re working closely with accomplished author Martha Wells to bring you Dominaria’s story, expanding the model of free stories on the web with a professional wordcrafter. We’re working with partners to bring more expressions of Magic to other media. And there’s more goodies being cooked up as we speak. Every thing we try for Magic’s story is an attempt to hit that goal of a better and better story experienced by more and more people. ALL of these efforts are thanks in large part to (1) the authors and creatives who’ve kept the story rolling over the years, whose dedication and passion and WORK forged the path, and (2) you, the players, readers, and fans, whose enthusiasm, fanart, podcasts, videos, and spirited discussion threads showed us that path was the right one. I’ve never meant this more: thank you for reading!