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I’m slightly unclear, I’ve both read that Martha is the new head writer, and that it will be a different author each set, can you explain how this all works?

Martha Wells will be writing a series of stories for Dominaria and that’s everything we can announce right now. We’ll talk about plans for future set stories as we get further out, but I can say there is willingness to explore different authors for different sets/worlds.

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What is one message you’d like to give story fans as we head towards Dominaria?

That we’re always looking for ways to make for a better and better story experience that’s accessible to more and more audiences, and that I’m so, so proud of how Magic Story has grown. 

Bit of recent history of how Magic’s story has been told. Back in 2011, we shifted away from the novel lines, and Innistrad sadly went without story support. For the next couple of years, for Return to Ravnica and Theros, we tried releasing e-books only, attempting to widen the audience while lowering costs. They were cost-effective but the work was unsustainable. Beginning in 2014 we floated a new test balloon, a handful of arced stories released free on the web that told the story of the Tarkir block. Their success propelled us into 2015′s more ambitious Magic Origins and Battle for Zendikar, and readership jumped. With more accessible stories and with links from the cards to, we found that more people than ever before were engaging with the story. That pattern continued through Shadows over Innistrad, Kaladesh, Amonkhet, and now Ixalan. That engagement led to art books, D&D crossover adventures, and a larger role of the story in marketing campaigns. Story fans are now an acknowledged, reliable, dependable foundation of Magic’s community, when only a handful of years ago I had to argue for y’all’s existence.

And now, today, the importance of Magic’s story is still spreading its wings. We’re working closely with accomplished author Martha Wells to bring you Dominaria’s story, expanding the model of free stories on the web with a professional wordcrafter. We’re working with partners to bring more expressions of Magic to other media. And there’s more goodies being cooked up as we speak. Every thing we try for Magic’s story is an attempt to hit that goal of a better and better story experienced by more and more people. ALL of these efforts are thanks in large part to (1) the authors and creatives who’ve kept the story rolling over the years, whose dedication and passion and WORK forged the path, and (2) you, the players, readers, and fans, whose enthusiasm, fanart, podcasts, videos, and spirited discussion threads showed us that path was the right one. I’ve never meant this more: thank you for reading!

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I wrote this passage about the idea of taking a “banesaint” back around 2009, for the Scars of Mirrodin world guide. I don’t think the idea never made it onto Magic cards, and the world now known as New Phyrexia certainly has bigger fish to fry these days than the maintenance of certain Auriok cultural practices. But I’ve been thinking about the idea a lot lately:

–Scars of Mirrodin world guide excerpt

I like how the idea feels both infuriatingly unjust (like, “why should it be THEIR responsibility?!”) and also, in a way, painfully noble. I think I would tweak some things about the idea before applying it directly to the real world (like maybe you should start by selecting a banesaint from whose acts you have somehow benefited, for example). But I keep thinking about it in relation to the real world, and I think it’s an intriguing little nugget of worldbuilding, so here. YOU think about it now.

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Mission complete: Muse Monsters of 2018

EXCELLENT. Earlier today I asked you to find some Magic flavor text related to making and creating. Then I asked you to hunt down Magic art of inspiringly fierce critters. NOW WE COMBINE THEM. BEHOLD, and BE INSPIRED.

Zhur-Taa Ancient by Adam Paquette + the flavor text of Simic Charm

2018 is gonna be a year of making. This year we cup our ear to the ethereal whisper-plaints of our souls, scoop up big handfuls of Scared-But-Doin’-It-Anyway, and forge ordinary time and atoms into some LOUD-SHOUTIN’ HEART-EXPRESSIN’ ART. 

Purity art by Warren Mahy + flavor text of Future Sight (ONS)

And who better to inspire and motivate and encourage us this year than our own personal MUSE MONSTERS? I took some of my favorites of your flavor text and art suggestions and mashed them together in ways that inspired me. 

Art of Sanctuary Cat by David Palumbo + flavor text of Goblin Welder

Now you make your own. Making stuff is always hard – you hear the critical voices in your head long before the jerks OUTSIDE your skull even get a chance to pipe up. You’re gonna need to drown out those voices this year. Have some monster bellow some foul-smelling advice at your face, and I promise that’ll make things easier. Happy 2018, gang.

Art of Godsire by Jim Murray + (part of the) flavor text of Inventor’s Apprentice

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Mission part two


Y’all fetched up some great creation-themed flavor textsesses over in this post. The replies and reblogs are FILLED UP NICELY. Go looky, and feel free to continue hunting up more over there if you like.

BUT NOW. For this almost-final part of the mission, I want you to find art. Specifically you’re looking for Magic card art that depicts NOBLY FIERCE CREATURES. It could be a big toothy befeathered paleomonster from Rivals (because eyyy) or a brave-hearted little fur-beep from a Magic set from twenty years ago. Could be the art of a sorcery or artifact or whatever, if you like, as long as the piece involves some kind of nonhumanoid beastie looking INSPIRINGLY FEROCIOUS. Bonus points if they look like they’re YELLING. Use reblogs to post your pic(s) so we can all find them later (unless you can put images into replies now? yesno? yo it’s been a while, tumblr). Okay? This is part two of your mission.

Later today we’ll finish up the mission. ART OF EPIC MONSTERFRANDS! Let the hunt beginnnnn

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A mission

Are you ready for a mission? This will be fun.

For this mission, I’ll need two things from you today.

PART ONE is that I need examples of Magic flavor text that are about building, making, creating, forging, whatever. Seek me out quotes, sayings, observations – serious or silly, all will work. They just have to have something to do with the theme of making or building something in some way. Post them in replies or reblogs. (You can include the name of the card the flavor text comes from, in case folks are curious about the origin, but that’s not required for the mission.)

Part two of the mission will come later today, with another quest for y’all. And then we’ll complete the mission and see the results.