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wizardsmagic: Magic Story: Trespass, by Michael Yichao In the…


Magic Story: Trespass, by Michael Yichao

In the not so distant past, Samut and Djeru were the best of friends and destined for glory. What happened on one fateful day shaped both of their futures.

Art: Cradle of the Accursed by Noah Bradley

Just a cute li’l story about a few young scamps in Amonkhet’s recent past. You know, harmless! I mean, nothing happens that would guide the paths of young warriors who would go on to impact the entire foundations of Amonkhet society, or like, ominously set the tone for a whole world’s future, or anything. This week’s story is Trespass” by Michael Yichao, part of the Amonkhet storyline

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Magic Story: “Brazen” by Michael Yichao

“This is how it’s supposed to be.” Gideon undertakes the Trial of Ambition along with other initiates, and the trial takes him on a journey of enlightenment about the world of Amonkhet.

This week’s story is “Brazen” by Michael Yichao! It’s episode 6 of 8 in the Amonkhet storyline

Bontu the Glorified art by Chase Stone